How to Get Red Wine Out of Designer Denim

How to Get Red Wine Stains Out of Designer Denim and Other Jeans:


As a frequent contributor to the population of wine stains, I’ve done more than my fair share having to get them out. Of pretty much everything at this point… and Spoiler Alert: I’m actually really good at it. So here it is: step by step instructions on how to get red wine out of literally, everything. New chapters coming as often as I commit new atrocities, and drop me a comment if you have a stain I haven’t addressed here yet. A hundred bucks says I’ve done it and cleaned it, and I’m excited to share the odd domestic skill set only a true wino (or wineaux, lol.) would ever have the chance to cultivate. I can’t decide if I’m proud of this, but at least I can help others out of their pickles.

The struggle is real! The wine stain strikes again! This time I’ve nailed a pair designer jeans. So this is Chapter 2 in the series I’m calling “The Red Wine Stain-Removal Bible”, and it is focused on getting red wine out of designer denim.

Step 1:

As always: Step 1 in dealing with ALL wine stains is to consider what you’re working with and ALWAYS start with the least abrasive or chemically option. I tried a bunch of those Bed, Bath, and Beyond products for getting these stains out, and they were all a massive disappointment. Please don’t waste your money on some “As seen on TV” crap. A little elbow grease, patience and know how is the best way to tackle any tannin-y mess. The stain below doesn’t actually look that bad in the photo and it’s because I did exactly the right thing when it happened: Rubbed a piece of ice on it. The key, especially if you can’t do all the cleaning right now (like mid-party), is to get the edges of the stain to splay out – in a sense to make sure the edges blur and stop looking distinct. Don’t be afraid to set the ice cube on the stain and just let it melt there. I sat in front of the tv and rubbed the ice in small circles for 2 minutes then let it dry. This is where I picked this up the next day:


Honestly doesn’t look bad at all! You actually can’t really see it. But treat it anyways so you don’t let it set and allow it to haunt you. Pretty much with all red wine stains, start with ice. Especially if you caught that it happened when it did. Don’t fret if you didn’t catch it the night of – you will still probably be just fine. The ice at the time of the spill is just the key to complete success. An ice cube is ALWAYS the least abrasive option and should always be used as the first line of defense against stain-setting.



Whether you did or you didn’t catch it at the time, managing and removing this stain calls for Shout and an old extra soft bristled toothbrush. Shout Stain Remover is my all-time favorite stain-treating product – buy some for yourself following the link. We actually keep an extra bottle next to the laundry basket to treat stains so they don’t get forgotten.



Use the toothbrush to gently scrub the stain in small circles. Let it be for 5-10 minutes before deciding to do anything else. ~40-50% of the time, the stain fades with a few minutes rather than right away, so patience is key here. Repeat treatment and scrub a little more if you need to.



Step 2:

Turn the denim inside out and wash it like you normally would – in cold water, on a casual/moderate cycle and let it air dry afterwards. Check the stain spot as it dries to make sure it is not drying a different color indicating that it would need to be treated and washed again.


As always, the name of the game is keep calm and NEVER put a garment in a dryer until you are 10,000% sure there are no traces of any stain left. You shouldn’t be putting your designer jeans in the dryer anyways, but I digress.


Click here to Check Out Chapter 3: Getting Red Wine Out of a Chiffon Bridesmaid’s Dress, and as always, drop me a comment if you have a stain for me. Domestic science is my passion project and I would love love love to save you from your most recent Merlot-mishap!


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