Get Hot Glue Off Fabrics With This Weird Tool

How to Get Hot Glue Off Clothes and Fabrics Using Just One Weird Tool:

So, as you can probably guess, getting hot glue on my clothes is not an uncommon thing for me. It is, however, a colossal pain in the butt to get off and can get stuck into fabrics and clothes if not properly removed. All you need to get it off is one tool that is not made for laundry uses at all: a Cuticle Nipper.

You may or may not have seen one of these at the nail salon, but you definitely need to own one if you don’t! This funky little thing is meant to push back cuticles and then nip the excess skin away. It works even better for getting small tags off clothes, getting a close nip on loose threads and annoying tags, and of course, getting hot glue off of clothes that would otherwise be ruined!

So all I did to get the glue off was to hold the fabric taut with one hand while using the cuticle nipper head to work the hot glue away from the knits in the fabric. Alternate going with the knit (up/down) to going against the knit (left/right) for best results.

When you have enough of the glue lifted up, gently nip the piece away and keep working. Be careful not to nip the knit-stitches of the fabric, because you don’t want to create a hole.

Once you’re sure you’ve got it all, just wash it like normal!

This technique works better on some fabrics than on others, but a little patience and persistence, and the glue will come off. This glue is an industrial strength one and this is a pair of cotton-stretch yoga pants. The glue was well in the knit, but it does come out with the help of the Cuticle Nipper.