How to make a Steakhouse-Quality, Crispy-Skinned Baked Potato like a Pro

pinterest-copy How to make a Steakhouse-Quality, Crispy-Skinned Baked Potato like a Pro

We’ve all done it… gone to a steakhouse, ordered the baked potato, and were totally floored by how salty and crispy that skin was. Then you go home, make your own baked potato in foil and wonder why yours are always mush.

We did it too – and it was completely not ok to be making such amazing quality steaks at home, but having sides that fell short of the restaurant-quality show-piece steak on the plate. It had to be dealt with. And…

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Steakhouse Filet Mignon Recipe

filet-pinterest-copyHow to make Steakhouse-Quality Filet Mignon at Home

Redding and I have been students as long as we’ve been together, and unfortunately, our tastes for awesome steaks have always FAR outweighed our budgets. A few years ago we set out on a mission to figure out how to make epic filet mignon at home so we could escape the wrath of $100+ dollar date nights while still filling the steak-y void in our hearts. After lots of practice, we’ve absolutely nailed it! We can take a Kroger bought filet and make it salty…

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Grilled Asparagus Recipe – The Perfect Side to the Perfect Dish

Grilled Asparagus


Grilled Asparagus Pinterest



1) When buying your asparagus, shoot for a mid size; the small ones are too stringy and cook limp and the fat ones can be too fibrous and hard to eat. About the diameter of a dime on the bottom usually wok out to be the best for cooking and eating. Take the asparagus out of the fridge and wash only the stems you plan on using. I find…

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Red Wine Reduction Sauce

reduction pinterest 600-900 copyRestaurant-Style Red Wine Reduction Sauce

Perfect for Pairing with Rack of Lamb and Filet Mignon!



– 1/2 Fresh Head of Garlic, each clove peeled.
– 1 Large Garlic Shallot (or enough small ones to make up the same size)
– 1 cup of Beef Stock
– 1/2 tablespoon of Salted Butter
Peppercorn Blend
Sea Salt Grinder
– Cornstarch
– Glass of Wine (For the cook, of course)


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Succulent Rack of Lamb that’s Stupid-Proof-Easy to Make at Home

Lamb Pinterest jpgSucculent Homemade Rack of Lamb that’s Pinterest-Fail-Proof

(Unless you’re Redding and set the hot Pyrex pan down in the snow… Story farther down, lol.)


– 1-2 packs of Frenched lamb racks (ours were ish 1lb each; Red insisted we needed both and we didn’t even start on the second one. Personally, I’d say one rack is good for two people, but I eat lightly when I cook heavily (a nice side effect), so it’s best to assume 2 racks of a similar size serves 3). Buying tip: older lamb is…

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