How to Make Your Own Gilded Metal Script Letters

How to Make Your Own Gilded Metal Script Letters for Home and Other Decor Projects




So I made this gold love piece for my office to become part of the decor around my craft table. I was wanting to do something that had a gold leaf/textured metallic look. I considered going with the gold fill sheets and a paper (maché) approach, but it turns out that would have been pretty pricey and time consuming. With the risk of it going bad after all that, I opted for the cheaper easier paint version.







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Get Hot Glue Off Fabrics With This Weird Tool

How to Get Hot Glue Off Clothes and Fabrics Using Just One Weird Tool:

So, as you can probably guess, getting hot glue on my clothes is not an uncommon thing for me. It is, however, a colossal pain in the butt to get off and can get stuck into fabrics and clothes if not properly removed. All you need to get it off is one tool that is not made for laundry uses at all: a Cuticle Nipper

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