I am a Geneticist by training, and as such, my favorite part of life is realizing that everyone and everything is a product of it’s environment and ancestry. Genes are passed through families, traditions down generations, all shaped by and shaping our environment as we go. It’s beautiful actually. The intertwined behaviors of living things carefully orchestrated by nature itself. I think it’s my fascination about the always present link to our past and future that draws me to work with natural elements and colors – burlap, twine, river rocks, barn wood, iron. Now the wine, that’s an entirely different story…
My parents, like many these days, choose to drink largely red wine when they do because of it’s health benefits (in moderation, people!), it’s cost, it’s timelessness, and it’s sharability. Naturally, when I became of age it was the obvious choice for me as well: It’s cheap, it’s not all bad for you, it has some fabulous cooking applications, and how fancy does someone in their twenties enjoying wine look, right!? I’ve always found cork to be beautiful, and with natural cork becoming more and more uncommon these days, I found I couldn’t part with them. I made my first set of cork coasters in college, and the rest was history! Suddenly my parents, relatives, friends, neighbors we’re all saving and sending me cork and there we were back where my crafts were monopolizing my space. Ugggg. So now I’m getting crazier than ever: I’ve made wreaths, Christmas ornaments, floral arrangements, coasters, decorative letters, picture frames, displays and pin boards. Now we’re faced with a new dilemma: If I showcase all of these things in my home, people are going to think I’m a serious wino (or wineaux, if you’re a fancy drinker like us!). So I’ve been selling my creations on Etsy since 2014 and have recently started selling them here on my own site as well. Both are fabulous outlets to sell some of my fun little creations so that I can continue being the ultra-craft queen without becoming a creepy-crafty hoarder in the process. So here I am, hoping my ultra-wineaux creations will bring warmth, smiles, and fun talking points to your home like they have to mine!
Happy Shopping!

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