As the name suggests, I am a total craft queen in my spare time! I’ve spent my whole life crafting and have even started selling some of them in the last few years. (Check out my shop!)  I don’t sell every thing I make, but there are a whole bunch of projects I’ve done or I’m doing that I’m dying to share with the other DIY folks of the world. Check out what Craft Projects I’m working on today! Got a project you want to do and don’t know where to begin, drop me a line! If it’s cool, I’d love to give it a shot and build a step by step tutorial for you!



My mom always told me that the fastest way to a man’s heart was through his stomach (well, there’s a faster way, but it’s no place in his heart you actually wanna be). Since in my awkward years I felt I wasn’t going to get boys’ attention the old fashioned way, I turned to building a culinary skill set that could woo any set of taste buds. And now that Emily Easy-Bake is evolving into Holly Homemaker, and I’m putting that skill set to some serious use. Try some of my Pinterest-Fail-Proof Recipes today!


Life-Hacks and Cleaning Tips:

Half of being the ultimate domestic do-er is mastering the art of cleaning and caring for everything. We literally had no idea how many things in our new house would need to be cleaned, fixed and solved and like everything else we’ve run into, it seems to take some epic trial and error to get things just right. Check out all of my favorite Life and Cleaning Hacks today!