About Me


Hi! My name is Maddy! I’m currently in graduate school working on a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, concentrating on Pharmacogenomics – Essentially, I want my life’s work to bring the dream of personalized cancer treatment to life for everyone. Being a scientist is probably the best job ever because every day is something different and we actually get paid to solve problems creatively, to find solutions by trying things never done before, and we frequently have the opportunity to blow things up – it’s a good life, but like most eccentric intellectual types, I need artistic and creative outlets to keep my head screwed on straight.

I’m the product of some old-school crafty homemakers (my grandmothers) and some new school DIYers (my parents), and from an early age, I’ve been crafting, cooking, demoing/renoing and creating various what-nots to fill the creative/artistic void in my heart that I seem to be genetically programmed to have. I’ve carried this passion with me as I’ve grown up, and I’ve translated my crafty-isms into my new alter ego: an over-zealous DIY-home reno-er, pseudo-interior designer, amateur chef, and domestic extraordinaire. Fair warning: she’s nuts. Armed with my infinite imagination, my glue gun, and a very willing and very handy fiance, we’ve begun transforming our first home one room, one bomb project, or one over-the-top holiday at a time into the life we dream of having – all while eating good food, consuming ample under-priced red wine, and doing it all on a very meager graduate student’s budget.

I’ve been selling some of my crafty creations on Etsy (click here to check me out!) to supplement my income some, but there’s so much more to my story than the little wine cork creations I make. As a woman nearing the end of my academic training, poised to enter the scientific work-force, planning a wedding to the love of my life, considering a future of children, finances, big moves, new homes, I find myself wearing more hats than one head should logically hold. More than anything, I want to illustrate all the facets of my quest for a “perfect womanhood” – mind you, it is a definition that is so rapidly changing these days, that accurately depicting it is statistically insignificant. While an impossible target to hit, I’m putting my best foot forward and putting in my all everyday so I at least have a slim chance in hell of being a slightly better person than I expected that I could be; At least I’d call it a win. So here goes nothing: this is the story of some 20-something chick who has a poly-amorous relationship with her fiance, science and her career, her future, her hobbies, gastronomy and viticulture, a wedding, home reno-ing, furniture transformations, and building a domestic skill set. I hope I’m at least moderately entertaining as I run around like a chicken with my head cut off.